The days of the week in Russian  


The days of the week in Russian:

Saturdayсуббота (СБ)
Sundayвоскресенье (ВС)
Mondayпонедельник (ПО)
Tuesdayвторник (ВТ)
Wednesdayсреда (СР)
Thursdayчетверг (ЧТ)
Fridayпятница (ПТ)

You want to talk about a given day, then use the preposition в followed by the day in acusative: Пойдём в субботу в кино? - We go to the cinema on Saturday?

on Saturdays: For a recurring date the preposition по is used followed by the dativ plural: мы ходим по субботам в теaтр. - We go to the theater on Saturdays.


Here you will find information about calculating the day of the week for a date that you have chosen. The day of the week is based on the Gregorian calendar. The algorithm is based on the everlasting calendar from Theodor Wagner. (/).

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