The days of the week in German  


The days of the week in German:

SaturdaySamstag (Sa)
SundaySonntag (So)
MondayMontag (Mo)
TuesdayDienstag (Di)
WednesdayMittwoch (Mi)
ThursdayDonnerstag (Do)
FridayFreitag (Fr)

If you want to refer to a given day, use "an" with the definite article (dative) glued together ("am"): Am Samstag gehe ich ins Kino - On saturday I go to the cinema.

If you want to refer to a recurring day, use either a "s" at the end or put "jeden" at the beginning: Samstags gehen wir schwimmen - On sundays we go swimming.


Here you will find information about calculating the day of the week for a date that you have chosen. The day of the week is based on the Gregorian calendar. The algorithm is based on the everlasting calendar from Theodor Wagner. (/).

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